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Sunday, June 1, 2008

1 Year Anniversary Trip

For our one year anniversary, we took a short trip away from reality to visit San Antonio May 18th - 20th. :) I am a little behind in updating you guys. We got to stay on the Riverwalk at La Mancion Del Rio. We hung out at Fiesta Texas (since we are amusement park connoisseurs) and loved people watching as we enjoyed just getting some time away together. It was a blast! Here are a few pictures of our trip... 

People watching under a beautiful canopy of trees

 We loved sitting and listening to these waterfalls!

Oops, wrong potty room...

Blake found a nice place to rest while visiting the Alamo

Hanging out on the San Antonio River walk

Chillin' at our hotel

At Good 'ol Six Flags Fiesta Texas

We were getting ready to ride the Superman roller coaster, our absolute favorite!!! 

Overall, we loved every minute of our trip and almost every minute of our first year as husband and wife!!! ;)

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