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Monday, March 1, 2010

Desperate Housewives...

Today I am sitting around, still not able to breathe and so ready to be done with all of this sinus crap! But as I sit in my little baby Shack, I can't even relax and be sick in peace! Why you may ask? Because my house is BEYOND messy...

laundry is stacking up,

dishes need to be put away,

Clean clothes need to be folded & hung up,

and I still need to cram in two work-outs!!!

Holy cow! Just typing all of that made me realize just how much I really need to get done and how little time I have left in today! Hahaha. If I have so much to do, then why am I still on here talking about it instead getting things done?!?!?! You got me... I am off to clean... How many of you feel like a "desperate housewife" today, ready to pull out your hair or throw in the towel?