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Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Family is Growing...

I have been a total slacker and have not blogged in WAY TOO LONG! I am back and have GREAT news that will hopefully redeem me! ;)

I am pregnant!!!

This is the necklace I made to tell my family the news

This is right after we told my family... this is really happening! :)

Here is the Bean (the baby) at 7 weeks

We call the baby Bean, so I guess that makes my tummy "Bean Town"

We are beyond excited and so thankful for this blessing that God is giving us. I am 10 weeks and 2 days along and my due date is November 20th. We are having a Thanksgiving baby! :)

This year is bringing all kinds of changes in the Jackson household. Not only are we having a baby, we are moving... Not far away, still in Cypress, just over to Fairfield and we are finally moving to a house! We bought one and are in contract right now, hoping to close May 12th (the same day as Blake & I's 3rd Wedding Anniversary).

This is our house!!!

So many milestones that we are reaching this year and I could not be more pumped! I promise to stay on top of things and keep you better informed as I am sure there will be plenty of news to report!