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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Studio- Part 2

Matt and I became professional "floor layers" real quick. ;) I have to say, we did a great job! It got a little tricky with the final row when we had to "ghetto rig" it and cut the pieces, just kind of guessing how wide they should be... but in the end, we finished it and it looks AWESOME!!!

Matthew Crook wondering why our silly modular building wasn't built evenly, hum...

Me with my trusty tape measurer!!!
I don't know why either, Matt

We needed some things to make the studio complete...
Wow, is there any room for us in the Jeep?

Nice... Matt... real nice...

Matt was nice enough to let me have the front seat & he held the boxes in the car

Monday, August 25, 2008


This weekend Blake & I got the privilege of truly experiencing community in a whole new way! The weekend started out with a small wedding ceremony that I talked about in my last blog entry. It was so neat to see God working in the lives of the people around us and in turn working in ours through them, He is so good! Afterwards, we went to Chuys for a celebration lunch. We all went to the Saturday night service at church then off to celebrate once more with a few more couples from our group at Johnny Carinos. We had a blast, minus Blake though, he had to stay at the church and work. :(

When we were done with dinner, I said my goodbyes and headed off back to the church to help Blake and Jimmy with some community group work around 10:30ish Saturday night. I was blown away when everyone at dinner wanted to help. We decided to have a bulletin stuffing party so Blake & Jimmy didn't have to spend the night at the church. lol. I was so excited to see how selfless everyone was, even though it was late and we were all so tired, we were all one big family/ team and got the job done in no time @ all! We finished up and got home around midnight.

On Sunday night we had a big Community Group Pot Luck at the Abrameit's house. They have the most beautiful home ever, out in the middle of no where, it was a dream, seriously! We had yummy hors d'oeuvres, steak, chicken, rolls, salad, fruit salsa, green bean casserole, and two amazing desserts!!! We played games and had a really nice time getting to know everyone in our community group just a little better. :)

It was cool how this weekend was the first fall push for Community Groups @ COF. And in our own personal lives we were learning on a deeper level what "true community" is. We love you guys and thank God for bringing each of you into our lives!!!

The gang @ Carinos

The Gals!

This mommy loves her little girl like crazy!
(Cheryl & Brooklyn White)

This is why we can't go nice places...

Back @ the church to help save the day

Yea for stuffing bulletins

The Kirtleys 

The Abrameits

The White Family
(Alex, Cheryl & Brooklyn)

Us... The Jacksons

Jamie & her sweet baby Jacie, her precious gift from God!!!

Amos was sooooooo competitive, it was funny!

She was not sure what to think of her aunt "Rah Rah" in Amos' silly glasses

It didn't take her long to remember she loves me and thinks I am funny! ;)

Brad trying to get the boys to guess "high heels" is Guesstures... he was great!

Game time was hilarious!!!

So much fun!!!

Brooklyn loves her uncle Blake, but not as much as he loves her! ;)

She gets her killer smile from her momma

The Herridges... finally one big happy family

Where is Brooklyn?!?!?

There she is!!!

We spoil her WAY too much! ;)
We can't help it, she is just too darn cute!!!

The Wedding Weekend...

This past Saturday a couple from our Community Group decided to get married. It was so sweet so, congratulations Micah & Karen, we love you guys!!! Here are some pics I took of their special day...

Phil's Diner

This is a peek into Friday night fun with the Olives and the Jacksons. We headed to the Woodlands to my dad's church that put on an entertaining dinner theatre called Phil's Diner. It was super cute to see everyone in 50's style characters and I was crazy impressed with how much fun we all had! Good job dad and everyone @ Crossroads!!!

The Sullivan's are some dear family friends of ours

My sister, Whitney, & her fiance, Eric, were bustin' some smooth moves

The whole Gillmore clan!

Love these guys, we are one big family! ;)

My dad was wearing an old bowling league shirt that belonged to my mom's dad, so cool!

I love my daddy, he's such a ROCKSTAR!!!