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Monday, March 14, 2011

Nash Whittan Jackson is growing so fast!!!

This amazing journey began in the fall of 2010 when...
we got the most exciting news of our lives...

we were pregnant...

AGAIN (and so soon after losing Baby Bean). We could not be more ecstatic!

I am not going to lie, this path was not always a walk in the park and blissful visions of hope. It began as a journey full of mixed emotions. It didn't help that we found out we were pregnant the morning that we got called by hospice and flew out to be with my family to say our goodbyes to my Nana. I was extremely fearful of being hurt again and wasn't sure what to think or how to react to all of the upcoming changes in our lives. I was scared to death that something would go wrong and we would lose this baby as well. I was closed off from truly excepting this great news and embracing the incredible gift God was giving us. Slowly, these feelings began to fade as I continued to make a daily decision to trust in God that this was His baby and He would protect this child and give us the strength to deal with whatever might come our way...
Baby J at 7 weeks

12 weeks along

This is how we told the world we were pregnant @ 13 weeks

I can honestly say, I never thought Blake and I would reach a time in our marriage where we celebrated me puking. Lol. This was definitely the case for about the first 3 1/2 months of my pregnancy. I was super sick and threw up constantly. Normally, I would not appreciate this bodily function, but in this case, I welcomed it gladly! He would call home and ask if I had gotten sick yet that day... and when I would answer "yes" we would both cheer and celebrate that the baby was healthy and we were doing alright. I welcomed it and thanked God daily seeing it as His little way of letting me know my baby was still alive and well and that we were in His hands!!! Thank you God for knowing exactly what I needed at all the right times! :)

Me @ 14 weeks pregnant with Baby J

14 weeks along

Ultrasound at 16 weeks

Our little angel waving to us at 16 weeks

Sweet baby profile - 16 weeks

Me at 16 weeks and 5 days

Thanksgiving - 17 weeks along

at 17 weeks

Getting ready for Christmas with Baby J @ 20 weeks

Monday, December 20, 2010 we finally found out that Baby J was A BOY!!!

Look at my precious baby boy sleeping :)

Since we finally figured out what we were having, it was time to let the shopping begin!

Our mantle for Christmas got an additional little baby stocking

Christmas Eve - 21 weeks along

Baby Bump at 21 weeks

Excited to let everyone know that we were having a boy!

Christmas Day at my mom's house was very good to our baby boy (who we hadn't named yet)

My family insisted on calling him Blobby (or Blobby J) until we named him. Lol

I wanted Blake to feel special and get his first gift from his son! :)

Our little boy was already crazy spoiled and he wasn't even here yet! ;)
(This was everything he got for Christmas)

New Years Eve - 21 weeks pregnant with Baby Nash
January 2nd - 21 weeks and 2 days along

21 weeks and 3 days

23 weeks pregnant with Nash

Let the registering begin! (23 weeks and 5 days pregnant)

Day 2 of registering and I was exhausted! Lol

3-D Ultrasound at 25 weeks along
We got some ok pictures but none of his face from the front, he kept hiding. My favorite thing said all day was when the nurse said we could come back for a redo in a few weeks and said when we came back maybe the baby would "act right." Bahahahaha. I love that he showed us his little personality and already got into trouble and he wasn't even born yet. That's my boy, making mommy proud already! ;)

25 weeks and 3 days old

Blake and I agreed on a name for him this week...

Nash Whittan Jackson

Nash after Nashville (the music capital (since we adore music) and a special city to Blake)

Whittan after my sister and brother (My sister is Whitney and my brother is Nathan, I split their names in half and smashed them together to get his middle name)

We are hoping Nash will be our little rock-star and maybe even be as passionate about music and worship as we are! :)

February 8, 2011 - Nash's first Rockets game at 26 weeks

I think he liked sitting court-side! ;)

February 10, 2011 - 26 weeks and 6 days along

Valentine's Day - 27 weeks 3 days pregnant

My tummy keeps eating my sister when we take pictures together! Lol

Nash at 28 weeks 3 days old

My sweet baby boy at 28 weeks 3 days

Nash's first musical - Billy Elliot - 29 weeks along
Again, Nash covers up my sister! hehehe. He's a growing boy! ;)

Blake and I trying to expose Nash to the world of broadway early so he will love it as much as we do! ;)

My first baby shower - February 27th - 29 weeks and 2 days
I am so very thankful and humbled by everyone's generosity and how they showed me love and are already loving on my son!

March 4th - Nash's First Concert - Hillsong United - 30 weeks

Nash @ 30 weeks

This little boy is growing like crazy and riding so low!

30 weeks and 2 days pregnant with Nash

Love this boy and trying to discover new ways to make maternity fashionable! Lol

Nash's first trip to the Houston Livestock Rodeo - Keith Urban
(with the Kirtleys & Lance Price)

Natalie, myself, and Nash @ 30 weeks 5 days along

Blake loving on Baby Nash

Back at the Rodeo for Nash's 2nd time with Andie & Chris Wyrick - 31 weeks

Nash @ 31 weeks

Nash loved him some Lady Antebellum! :)

Today is Monday, March 14th and I am 31 weeks and 3 days along on this fun journey. I am loving every step of the way and so very thankful that God has chosen Blake and I to be the parents of this precious miracle boy. We saw the doctor today and he said we are right on track, everything looks great! The doctor kept laughing and telling me I was "all baby!" Nash weighs about 4 lbs and is about 17 inches long. We will know more in two weeks when they do an ultrasound and take full measurements. I can't wait! :) We are having so much fun watching him grow and change before our eyes and cannot wait to kiss his little face and hold him in our arms. Although, I am excited to meet him, I am loving having this precious time with him inside of me where we are bonding and getting all of this special time just to ourselves! ;) I cherish every little move he makes inside of me and hope that I never ever take any moment with my little boy for granted!

What are you thankful for in your life today???