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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crossroads has a new home...

Monday is our day off... so we went to visit my family in the Woodlands and have a family dinner. While up there, we had fun, we went to visit my mom at school and meet EVERYONE she works with. We also hung out with my dad a bit and got to see the new church building his church is building. For those of you who don't know much about my family... my dad is the worship pastor for Crossroads Baptist Church in The Woodlands. They are building a brand new facility, so it was neat to get to walk through it before it is finished. All in all, it was a fun day of hanging out and it was real nice getting out of the house and away from Cypress for a day! Here are a few pics of the new church building...
Nathan (my little brother), Blake, Zack (my best friend since we were kids and practically part of the family) They were all giving us a "Michael Jackson pose" in honor of Zack's gay white shoes and one white glove ;)

The stage in the main worship room

My daddy (Rocky) & me

The front lobby/ hallway (with Blake's butt and my mom in the distance)
Zack and Blake goofing off

Monday, September 29, 2008

Karaoke makes us feel like RoCkSTaRs!!!

Saturday night we returned to our favorite new hang out, Los Cucos, to jam out with some serious Karaoke tracks. It was a serious blast, as usual! 
Nat started us out for the night with some Shania Twain

Brooklyn wanted to sing with me...

So I let her, she was so happy...

She was really trying to sing along, it was so cute!

And then we showed that "Girls just wanna have fun!"

And then Cheryl wanted to know "why you have to go and make thing so complicated?!?!"

Nat and Brooklyn watched her mommy (Cheryl) sing... so sweet

Blake swooning us with a little more Frank Sinatra, he's such a ladies man! ;)

Brooklyn wanted to help uncle Blake sing too...

so she got to... she always gets what she wants ;)
We like to spoil her!!!

Justin & Cheryl impressed us all with some high notes

It was so cute when a little girl asked us all for our autographs, she thinks we will become famous someday and wanted to be prepared... so precious.. we felt so cool! ;)

the karaoke guy convinced us to d a group rendition of "Summer Lovin'" from Grease

We had a blast and developed quite the following at good 'ole Los Cucos...
we definitely felt like rockstars, at least for one night!!! ;)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Baby Brooklyn

She is seriously the cutest, most well behaved, and precious baby ever!!! The White family stayed with us some this past week since they still didn't have power (from Ike). We have truly become like family over these past few years, so much fun! This was Brooklyn's sweet bath time... love this little girl!

Friday, September 26, 2008

WOW... We need a breather!

This week has been CRAZY busy! Blake and I have taken on some extra responsibilities in addition to our normal jobs. We haven't slept much and feel like we are working a whole lot of the time. It's rewarding because it is ministry and we are serving people and more importantly, God. None the less, we are now on the quest to try and figure out how to balance everything on this new journey... How to work around the clock, still maintain our sanity, our relationships with God, our marriage, our friendships, my blog, and try to fit in down time amidst all of that craziness!!! As you embark on a new territory in life, it is exciting but also makes me nervous coming upon the unknown. I have learned it is very important to keep your priorities in order so you can keep your head above water. Please keep Blake and I in your prayers as we our growing and being stretched in our jobs and in life in general. Thanks for listening... now I would love to hear from you... In what ways are you being stretched or challenged in you life right now? How are you coping? 

Monday, September 22, 2008


This past weekend we found our new favorite hang out... Los Cucos... it has Karaoke...
and cherry coke!!!

They literally put 12 cherries in my coke... that's the most I've ever seen!

and I ate them all... yummy!!!

They were my "parents" for the night until my husband got there

We love the Smiths... they are so much fun!

I always love me some good, cheap kid's meal food

And so does my Nat

We love to sing, dance, and be goofy @ all times!!!

My cute husband

I love him so very much!

Hopefully I can get my videos to work soon and I will post the videos we took of us rocking out with the ghetto karaoke tracks! :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Aftermath of Ike # 2

We woke up Monday morning and realized my parents and no one in the Woodlands had power yet. We quickly began making calls to everyone we knew to see what we could collect and get to them. We rounded up a generator, a bunch of gas cans full of gas, some ice, water bottles, bread, and some extra food. We were so excited to be able to help however we could! 

By the time we got up there, a lot of the debris and trees were already cleared. The Woodlands is an incredible community, where everyone began working together to help clean up their yards and surrounding areas, at least in my parents neighborhood. It made me so proud of my home town! :) Here are some pictures of the damage that was left, but you have to remember, a couple days had passed and people had already done a fantastic job of cleaning up as much as they could...  
The house accross the street from my parents

Brush that they swept off the road and onto the side roads

Trees on a house down the street

Bags of debris lined up on the driveway of a neighbor's house

This tree ripped up their side walk

More debris stacked up on the side of their street

It was kind of cute how they made a little wall with the logs

Blake named this "earth killer" lol. It was a massive home-made generator rig that ran on diesel... craziness!!! 

The tree that fell into my parents backyard

It was huge and missed the house by about 5 feet... so blessed!

It got dark fast, but hopefully you can still see the damage

The tree view from the Brock's backyard

Kevin Brock grilling up some dinner for everyone

My mom, dad & brother enjoying the neighborhood party outdoors since no one had power 

Blake & I joined them in the festivities

They all got together and played card games & dominoes to pass the time; it was so much fun... like a camping trip!
Emily Brock just chilling, enjoying the cool weather that came through

I married a good guy, I love him SO MUCH!!!