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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Aftermath of Ike # 1

We actually went to our friends, the Olive's house to ride out the storm but returned home and took these pictures of our complex Sunday afternoon. We were so very lucky to not take any damage to our personal apartment. We were a little worried, being on the 3rd floor with many trees surrounding our home, but were pleasantly surprised  for what we came home to. There was definitely some standing water/ flooding, trees down and brush/ debris everywhere, but not on the buildings, praise Jesus... he took care of us!!! We got power back in Cypress @ our apartment sometime on Sunday, wah-hoo! We were crazy excited and started inviting everyone over to our place for some AC. The Kirtleys took us up on our offer, so we hung out and were so grateful to be back at our place with power!

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