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Friday, September 26, 2008

WOW... We need a breather!

This week has been CRAZY busy! Blake and I have taken on some extra responsibilities in addition to our normal jobs. We haven't slept much and feel like we are working a whole lot of the time. It's rewarding because it is ministry and we are serving people and more importantly, God. None the less, we are now on the quest to try and figure out how to balance everything on this new journey... How to work around the clock, still maintain our sanity, our relationships with God, our marriage, our friendships, my blog, and try to fit in down time amidst all of that craziness!!! As you embark on a new territory in life, it is exciting but also makes me nervous coming upon the unknown. I have learned it is very important to keep your priorities in order so you can keep your head above water. Please keep Blake and I in your prayers as we our growing and being stretched in our jobs and in life in general. Thanks for listening... now I would love to hear from you... In what ways are you being stretched or challenged in you life right now? How are you coping? 


kristyo15 said...

I hear ya...Joe is in football season at Woods, so I might see him an hour or so each night, and then hardly that on the weekends. That is our biggest challenge. Our one time together all week is at church, such a blessing. You guys make it a great hour or so to spend together...y'all are so talented and spread the Word so well. Thank you for that!

P.S. PhotoShop is the name of the game for my blog. I got the tutorial off of 'cutestblogontheblock'. I host the pics on Photobucket and go from there. Let me know if you need some help!

laurenhuss said...

Hey girl! I read your blog weekly, but I rarely post a comment--sorry! I feel lead to post this time, though...

I'm not sure what all you have going on in your lives; however, I just wanted to make this general statement: Make sure you are spending more time being the church as opposed to going to church.

If any of your activities that are keeping you busy don't fit that criteria, try to ditch them so you have more time to do things like getting to know your neighbors...or hosting people in your home who don't have power...;)

Love ya!