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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ike Update #6

Sunday, September 14th, Ike has come and gone... it is still raining like crazy, but we had church @ COF!!! We had 2 services, actually. Even though we did not have electricity, running water, toilets that worked, or really anything. The people still came together and praised God for what He had done and who He is! We hooked up some pretty ghetto generators and had a few fans and lights and passed out water, juice and some snacks for all who came out. We sang a few songs and Mark & Laura spoke to us about mobilizing our community and working together to help those around you in need. All in all it was a pretty cool experience and I would guess a little more than 1,000 people showed up between both service, so neat! 

Blake, Donald & myself leading worship
Natalie, Mark Shook, me in between the services

These girls were ready for the rain!

Riley Kate and I took a break to play in the rain...

This is the gang that roughed it @ my apt Saturday night with no power... Wah-hoo for surviving the Houston heat & humidity!!! 

Natalie, Laura Shook & I greeted people in the rain
(it was interesting with minimal to no makeup and no electricity to get ready; that's why I chose the baseball cap as my nappy hair solution)

With no working potties, a bucket of water & a flash light was a necessity when entering the unknown of the bathroom... enter @ your own risk!!!

These two boys are a dangerous combination; always up to no good!!!

Heck yes for the "el natural" look ;)

I love me some Napoli!!!

Cole & Donald Butler taking a stroll in the rain

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