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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Being Real...

This week marks the 6th week that I have been doing this Gett Fitt program. I have good days and bad as far as being motivated and excited to continue, but this week has been particularly slow for me. :( I know it may have something to do with the recent upgrade in dosage for my fertility medications (we are trying to get pregnant) or even the fact that this week has felt like yet another "plateau week" in my weight loss progress, but none the less, it has really bummed me out. Usually I am pretty good about not letting things get the best of me, but this week has been particularly hard to fight it off. I don't feel like myself and wonder when I will again. It's such a weird feeling to feel like someone else is in your body controlling all of your emotions.

The good news is this is my 6th cycle and final cycle of clomid at the highest dosage possible. The bad news is if it doesn't work this month, we will have to regroup and start something new to try and help my body be normal. Lol. What??? My body isn't functioning normal? Lol. What a surprise! ;) Anyways, this week my attitude has been very negative and definitely one not full of faith. I know God will provide in his perfect timing, but this week I was just angry and frustrated.

Yesterday morning I was reading in the Bible and God gave me this verse... "Behold, I make all things new." Rev. 21:5 The New Living Translation says, "Look, I am making everything new!" This made me sit and take a good look at my life and my attitude that I had let get the best of me this past week. I need not to doubt that God is working and moving in my life, but instead trust in faith and even OPEN MY EYES and LOOK around me to see that even when I feel things aren't going the way they should, God is still making all things new. He will continue to do that no matter what kind of a mood I am in! What a relief! ;)

I read in a book that "when you blame God, you cut yourself off from His power, doubt replaces trust, and you put down roots of bitterness that make you cynical. When you blame others you add to the distance between them and you, and lose the only option that works - forgiveness. Instead, trust the One who promised to "make all things new," and move forward."

I hope this challenges and encourages you like it has me this week. God is good ALL OF THE TIME no matter what the circumstances may be or what our attitude is reflecting! Thank goodness for that! :) Trust in Him that He has your best interests in mind and He will never fail you!