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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I love my family!

My dad's church had it's very 1st service in their new building Thursday, November 6th. It was a very precious time full of memories. Blake, my dad, and myself led worship and we all took communion as a family. It was neat to go back to the church family I grew up in, and watch them start a whole new chapter in their lives with a new building. It was so special to take Blake back to be a part of my life "before him." The people at Crossroads have taken him and and spoiled him as much as they always have me, we adore so many of the people there and praise God for the special relationships He has blessed us with.

After the service we went to Willies for dinner. I have posted some fun pics that we took...
Zack Jones entertained us in the Willies parking lot...

Attacked my mom...

And made us laugh like crazy!

Sammie and I have matching purses, how fun!

Sam & I had fun catching up, just like old times

These boys are always joking around!

Nate, Michael, Blake, Zack, and my daddy (Rocky)

Then Blake gave it a try, but Zack could not be phased

Later that night back at my parent's house, I was digging through my old bedroom closet and found this fun giraffe stuffed animal Kim Daniels and I used to share while in college at HBU. Kimi is currently on a year long mission trip all over the world. I miss her so much, but am so proud of the difference she is making everywhere she goes. It has been so neat to see how God has grown and molded her on this journey as well. I want to ask all of you to please pray for her and for her safe return home in just a few short weeks! :)
Kimi, look who I found...

Our best bud, Mr. Humples
He misses you and can't wait for you to come home!!!

And here are a few pictures from church @ COF that weekend... 
Trey Willis ladies and gentlemen...

We were matching... so exciting!

Kathi & David Jackson (my in-laws)

Blake & I loving us some Mexican food from Alisha's
(thats a lie, if you know me, you know I had kid's chicken fingers)

Check out the smoke from the fajitas on Blake's shirt... so cool

Cypress Family Thanksgiving

Sorry, I know it's been WAY too long since I've updated my blog, so here it goes...

Friday night, November 7th, we went over to the Olive's house and celebrated Thanksgiving in our own little "Cypress Family" way. :) It is so neat how God puts people together and how fast you can grow to love one another and truly become family. This is exactly what happen when the Olive's, the Kirtley's, and the Jackson's met each other! 

We knew we would be having dinner with our separate families on Thanksgiving so we decided to have a special celebration with one another really early. We all made a couple of dishes and gathered together to be thankful that God had allowed our paths to cross. We even went around the table and said what we specifically loved and cherished about each another. It was cheesy but such a sweet time! We were all stuffed but made room in our tummies for dessert. I made a pumpkin pie with home-made whipped cream and Randy and Ellen brought the famous family strudel, so good!

After we ate, we all snuggled up with our significant others and watched "Love Actually" to help us get into the romantic Holiday spirit. We had a blast and love our friends that have quickly become our family! :) 

Our Thanksgiving Feast

The Olive's made... Sweet Potatoes and Chicken
(it was cheaper than Turkey)

The Kirtley's made deviled eggs and green bean cassorole
The Jackson's made Holiday mashed potatoes

I made a Pumpkin Pie

Ellen & Robin

The Boys
Randy Olive, Justin Kirtle & Blake Jackson

The Girls
Ellen Olive, Robin Jackson & Natalie Kirtley

Love these girls!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Texan Tailgate

This weekend @ COF we had a big Texan Tailgate. So many volunteers gave of their time, sleep, and resources to put on a huge celebration. They came out on Saturday afternoon and stayed ALL night cooking and getting ready to serve around 3,000 people on Sunday. Blake & I decided to hang out and get to know some of the people that we see around the church every weekend but had never had the privilege of getting to know on a personal level. We had a blast and ended up hanging out 'til 1:00am! Here are some of the pics I got of the preparation night...
Robin & Robin

Blake helping one of the teams prepare their brisket

I was helping cut the sausage

I snuck a taste test... so yummy!

Sunday after church everyone got to party and enjoy the festivities...
Natalie, Cheryl, Justin & Baby Brooklynn

Blake, Me & Alex enjoying some BBQ

Micah & Karen Kronjager

They talked me into riding the mechanical bull...

It didn't last long :(

Matthew loves his new camera!!!

I love my patient husband...

Even when he is tired of taking pictures with me! lol. 

Brooklynn LOVED riding the choo-choo train with us

She wanted to ride it again and again...

So she got to, because she is our little princess!!! 


After a long Halloween day, we decided to head over to the Olive's for some more Halloween fun! We decided to dress up themed as couples. Natalie and Justin Kirtley were Yodelers and Blake and I were salsa dancers, and Randy and Ellen Olive were an Eskimo and a Polar Bear. It was hilarious! :) We had fun! Love these people...
Justin & Natalie Kirtley, Blake & Robin Jackson, Randy & Ellen Olive

We love to act goofy

He used my eye liner for his chest and shoulder hairs, yuck!

They yodeled all night, it was very entertaining...

Sexiest Polar Bear and Eskimo we had EVER seen!

Jessica & Brian Burks came as "Texans" or themselves! :)