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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cypress Family Thanksgiving

Sorry, I know it's been WAY too long since I've updated my blog, so here it goes...

Friday night, November 7th, we went over to the Olive's house and celebrated Thanksgiving in our own little "Cypress Family" way. :) It is so neat how God puts people together and how fast you can grow to love one another and truly become family. This is exactly what happen when the Olive's, the Kirtley's, and the Jackson's met each other! 

We knew we would be having dinner with our separate families on Thanksgiving so we decided to have a special celebration with one another really early. We all made a couple of dishes and gathered together to be thankful that God had allowed our paths to cross. We even went around the table and said what we specifically loved and cherished about each another. It was cheesy but such a sweet time! We were all stuffed but made room in our tummies for dessert. I made a pumpkin pie with home-made whipped cream and Randy and Ellen brought the famous family strudel, so good!

After we ate, we all snuggled up with our significant others and watched "Love Actually" to help us get into the romantic Holiday spirit. We had a blast and love our friends that have quickly become our family! :) 

Our Thanksgiving Feast

The Olive's made... Sweet Potatoes and Chicken
(it was cheaper than Turkey)

The Kirtley's made deviled eggs and green bean cassorole
The Jackson's made Holiday mashed potatoes

I made a Pumpkin Pie

Ellen & Robin

The Boys
Randy Olive, Justin Kirtle & Blake Jackson

The Girls
Ellen Olive, Robin Jackson & Natalie Kirtley

Love these girls!!!

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Kim said... the holiday mashed potatoes looked yummy....I need that recipe...seriously!! I want a new way to do the potatoes this year!!