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Monday, November 3, 2008

Texan Tailgate

This weekend @ COF we had a big Texan Tailgate. So many volunteers gave of their time, sleep, and resources to put on a huge celebration. They came out on Saturday afternoon and stayed ALL night cooking and getting ready to serve around 3,000 people on Sunday. Blake & I decided to hang out and get to know some of the people that we see around the church every weekend but had never had the privilege of getting to know on a personal level. We had a blast and ended up hanging out 'til 1:00am! Here are some of the pics I got of the preparation night...
Robin & Robin

Blake helping one of the teams prepare their brisket

I was helping cut the sausage

I snuck a taste test... so yummy!

Sunday after church everyone got to party and enjoy the festivities...
Natalie, Cheryl, Justin & Baby Brooklynn

Blake, Me & Alex enjoying some BBQ

Micah & Karen Kronjager

They talked me into riding the mechanical bull...

It didn't last long :(

Matthew loves his new camera!!!

I love my patient husband...

Even when he is tired of taking pictures with me! lol. 

Brooklynn LOVED riding the choo-choo train with us

She wanted to ride it again and again...

So she got to, because she is our little princess!!! 

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