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Monday, September 29, 2008

Karaoke makes us feel like RoCkSTaRs!!!

Saturday night we returned to our favorite new hang out, Los Cucos, to jam out with some serious Karaoke tracks. It was a serious blast, as usual! 
Nat started us out for the night with some Shania Twain

Brooklyn wanted to sing with me...

So I let her, she was so happy...

She was really trying to sing along, it was so cute!

And then we showed that "Girls just wanna have fun!"

And then Cheryl wanted to know "why you have to go and make thing so complicated?!?!"

Nat and Brooklyn watched her mommy (Cheryl) sing... so sweet

Blake swooning us with a little more Frank Sinatra, he's such a ladies man! ;)

Brooklyn wanted to help uncle Blake sing too...

so she got to... she always gets what she wants ;)
We like to spoil her!!!

Justin & Cheryl impressed us all with some high notes

It was so cute when a little girl asked us all for our autographs, she thinks we will become famous someday and wanted to be prepared... so precious.. we felt so cool! ;)

the karaoke guy convinced us to d a group rendition of "Summer Lovin'" from Grease

We had a blast and developed quite the following at good 'ole Los Cucos...
we definitely felt like rockstars, at least for one night!!! ;)

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