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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Aftermath of Ike # 2

We woke up Monday morning and realized my parents and no one in the Woodlands had power yet. We quickly began making calls to everyone we knew to see what we could collect and get to them. We rounded up a generator, a bunch of gas cans full of gas, some ice, water bottles, bread, and some extra food. We were so excited to be able to help however we could! 

By the time we got up there, a lot of the debris and trees were already cleared. The Woodlands is an incredible community, where everyone began working together to help clean up their yards and surrounding areas, at least in my parents neighborhood. It made me so proud of my home town! :) Here are some pictures of the damage that was left, but you have to remember, a couple days had passed and people had already done a fantastic job of cleaning up as much as they could...  
The house accross the street from my parents

Brush that they swept off the road and onto the side roads

Trees on a house down the street

Bags of debris lined up on the driveway of a neighbor's house

This tree ripped up their side walk

More debris stacked up on the side of their street

It was kind of cute how they made a little wall with the logs

Blake named this "earth killer" lol. It was a massive home-made generator rig that ran on diesel... craziness!!! 

The tree that fell into my parents backyard

It was huge and missed the house by about 5 feet... so blessed!

It got dark fast, but hopefully you can still see the damage

The tree view from the Brock's backyard

Kevin Brock grilling up some dinner for everyone

My mom, dad & brother enjoying the neighborhood party outdoors since no one had power 

Blake & I joined them in the festivities

They all got together and played card games & dominoes to pass the time; it was so much fun... like a camping trip!
Emily Brock just chilling, enjoying the cool weather that came through

I married a good guy, I love him SO MUCH!!!

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Sue said...

I will agree. We have a GREAT neighborhood. Nathan is actually sad we have power back. We will miss all the neighborhood toghetherness. {I think Rocky will miss Sarah's coffee the most.) It is sad it takes a hurricane to make us all slow down and enjoy one another and help each other out. However, it was more than wonderful to have a generator and gas to run it. WooHoo!!!!! Ike leaves me with very mixed feelings, but most of all I know I am very blessed. (and very proud of my kids and their tender hearts)