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Monday, September 8, 2008

Blake's Birthday!!!

Birthday time is here again...well, at least it was here. I'm posting a little late because we've been kinda busy. So I turned 26 last week, hooray! I got a whole bunch of good stuff- a charcoal grill, some cash, a gps and a really fun bday surprise dinner with a bunch of my friends at Escalantes Mexican restaurant. So I suppose the question is, "do I have anything wise to say about getting older?" hmm...I'm glad you asked, because indeed I do. I have learned two important lessons this past year- #1: Listen to God, obey Him and you won't be disappointed. #2: Cherish life and friendship as both are precious, fragile and never guaranteed. Recently I was also blessed with this little bit of encouragement in a birthday card: "Young Blade (referring to me) getting older is like the aging of a fine cheese...and my friend you are turning into a lovely and fragrant Roquefort. That is all for now- take care and watch out for Ike.

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