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Saturday, August 9, 2008

August Begins...

This past weekend, August began and our busy schedule continued to truck along, sick or not... My tonsils were still almost swollen shut, but after trying so hard to take it easy all week, and not seeing any substantial results, I had had it! I was so sick of being sick and was determined to go on with my everyday life plans as best as possible.

I worked all day Friday, ran some errands, and then headed to Justin & Natalie Kirtley's Texas Wedding Reception . We had a good time and brought the party home to our house for games. When the boys start playing the Wii, they can't stop and this night was no exception. Finally around 3 AM, everyone went home. I was EXHAUSTED and slept hard that night. :) 

Saturday started out pretty normal; we woke up and immediately got ready to head to the church to get ready for our services. I wasn't feeling great but was trying hard to ignore it. We did our normal vocal practice, band practice, full run-through, and then our Saturday night service. By this time, I had been on steroids and medicine for 6 days, didn't feel any better, and was having trouble breathing again. My throat was KILLING ME! I was clammy, running a fever, had the shakes and thought I was going to pass out! Not good... This was not like any "allergic reaction" I had ever had or seen before! :( So after church, we took my family (who had come to visit for the evening) to the apartment and then headed off to the Emergency Room. It was good times as we spent all night just hanging out at the ER. lol. They basically said, "thanks for coming, we still don't know what it is, but your tonsils are huge and we don't know how you are breathing, so here is a shot in the butt and a Z-Pack." Good times... I have to say, although the shot hurt like CRAZY, it did make me feel a lot better! 

Sunday started out with our 2 morning church services, then we headed down to Blake's parent's house to celebrate Patrick's (Blake's brother-in-law) Birthday with a big family lunch and hanging out in the yard, enjoying the weather. I am still not feeling 100% and figure we will probably just have to get my tonsils taken out soon, but for now, I am ready to relax and plan to just ignore it! Thus began our week long family vacation, where we discovered "The Gillmores" should really be "The Griswolds." I will definitely post about that later... 

Natalie & the beginning to her very own "Baptist" cross wall! ;)

The Girls @ Natalie's Texas Wedding Reception
(Brin, Cheryl, Nat & Me) 

Blake & I after the reception Friday night

Alex, Justin & Blake are such cuties...

I adore this Southern chick!!!

Sunday afternoon at Blake's parent's house in Sugar Land
Blake & his daddy (Dave Jackson)

Blake's mom & the girls were playing in the sprinklers... so cute

Faith has the cutest little baby buns! lol. 
You can say that when they're still tiny! ;)

Blake's mom and her 3 grandaughters
Kathi Jackson, Grace, Faith & Abbi (Blake's sister's kids)

Grace & Kari (Blake's sister & her middle daughter)

Grace & Patrick (brother-in-law)
We were celebrating Patrick's 37th B-day!!!

Baby Faith has big 'ol blue eyes!!!

She cracks us up!!!

Blake & I enjoying some quality family time outside in the hot Houston summer heat

I love this boy!!!

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Linda said...

Hi Robin and Blake,
It's Linda Carter here. Boy what a last weeks you have had Robin with your sore throat. I hope after that power shot you got at the hosp. you wil cont. to get better. I missed at the 11:30 Church service today. I was thinking where is Robin and Blake? Nobody said anything about yal being missing. I hope you didn't get worse again. Well I'll be praying for yal. XOXO