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Thursday, June 26, 2008

One Prayer

We had the privilege of participating is something called One Prayer last weekend. This was where we, as a church, came together with 7 other local churches to help a local elementary school and middle school who are less fortunate. We were able to give them both complete new play grounds, fix up one of their teacher lounges, put in all new landscaping, repaint the inner hallways and some of the outside walls. It was an incredible experience and I wanted to share just a few of the pictures of us and friends of ours from the fun project... 


Joanna said...

i found your blog through another blog, and i wanted to stop and say hi!! :) Its been forever!!!

You and your hubby are precious!! Glad to see you are so happy!!

Keep in touch girl!!
Joanna (Lucas) Parrish

Ashley McWhorter said...

Hey girl!!! Conn and I would love to go to dinner!!!! Let us know when is good for y'all. We're pretty free most nights except Friday's. Talk with you soon!!!