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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dave Barnes & Jonny Lang

Thursday June 19th, Robin and I had the opportunity to go to a show featuring Dave Barnes (opener) and the extremely talented, Stevie Ray Vaughan-esque protege, Jonny Lang. The concert was amazing! Barnes was a little disappointing, because I've seen him be more interactive with the crowd, tell funnier stories, and have witty banter in between songs. That just wasn't there that evening. Also, I LOVE...L-O-V-E all of his albums, especially the last one- Chasing Mississippi- so many good tunes. His new album, Me and You and the World, is more of a radio-play album. Listening to the new songs, I got the impression that he didn't write all of them. Although I did like most of it, it wasn't a grand slam for me like his previous 3 can you tell that I'm a fan of Dave Barnes? Really...? I thought it didn't next on the docket was blues-rocker Jonny Lang. One word describes it- unfreakingmatchable. His entire band blew the crowd away. Having never been to a Jonny Lang concert before and only listening to his music, I thought there was no chance that his concert would outshine his recorded stuff...was I wrong. Also, the venue had great sound- there wasn't a dead spot in the entire arena. So look for your favorite bands playing at Verizon Wireless, downtown at Bayou Place. All-in-all the night was fantastic...great friends, great music. Check out the pics below...

Barnes rocking out

"Hello, I'm Dave, shall we be friends?"

full band shot

Great buddy- Clay, the bearded wonder- Barnes' new tour mgr

Lang preparing for greatness

face-melting solo on the Les Paul

Me and Rob

uhh, more pictures? ok...

nice shirt cute

this felt like a prison visit conversation- he had to go count merch

my gorgeous wife

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