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Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun Times with Friends the last 2 weeks...

Here is a peek into the last couple of weeks as we had fun times with great friends...

Robin, Blake & Zack
Zack Jones came to hang out with us at church May 24th

My baby and me!

I got to visit the Lawler Family and see how BIG baby Dave had gotten- May 27th

The Lawler Triplets (Addie, Cammie & Ellie) with baby brother David & their new nanny, Mae

Sweet Dave was getting sleepy

He is such a BIG boy, almost as big as me! ;)

But... he is so very handsome!!!

My little brother Nathan was giving me piano lessons & Whitney felt left out! lol.

Robin, Nathan & Whitney... the Gillmore kids bonding over music

June 1st- Jered & Cynthia Meeks

We went to lunch with the Meeks at good 'ol Lubys and Jered was giving me directions with our utensils, he is so resourceful! ;)

Cynthia needed a little afternoon snack, really it was the baby that was hungry! So I guess Blake just wanted to make sure they didn't feel alone! He's such a good guy... lol.

Just hanging out at our apartment before they leave us to move back to Amarillo this Friday! :(

We decided to test the old wives tale and see if Cynthia & Jered are having  boy or girl 

Trial #2... and the baby will be a...


Come this fall we will see if Cynthia Meeks will give birth to the very first boy of their family...

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Cynthia Meeks said...

What an amazing blog you have! I am so impressed by it! We are not going to have internet for a few days so I wanted to make sure you know how much fun we had on Sunday and how much we are going to miss you guys! Call us soon. And make plans to see us when you come up in August!