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Monday, May 12, 2008

1 YEAR!!!

I can't believe that we've already been married for one whole year! Time has flown by!!! It has been an amazing ride... but I seriously cannot believe that it has already been one year!
Here are some pics from May 12th one year ago...

May 2007- Blake & I a couple of weeks before our wedding

The only bridal portrait I have, no matter how cheesy it is, it's a long story...

1st thing the morning of the wedding, my girls and I @ the hotel...
Carrie, Laura, Me & Stacy

My sister & I fixing to go get our hair done

My bridesmaids & I getting ready...

Me being silly & NOT knowing how to model & work the camera ;)

The boys goofing off before the wedding

The exchanging of the rings...

Signed, sealed, delivered... I'm yours!!!

We are finally Mr. & Mrs. Jackson, wah-hoo!!!

The Wedding Party

My sweet flower girls

Both families together for the first time

My BeAuTIfuL cake, it was perfect!

Blake's awesome life-size guitar cake... death by chocolate, yum!!!

Leaving the 1st reception

Look at our reflection...

I was standing in goose poop, so romantic. lol. :)

Our yummy food... we love Papa C

Our fun 1st dance

NO WAY... Zack was able to get her to dance?!?!?

Blake & his boys

The "Gillmore" kids love to dance

Kissing my sweet Nana

And off to Playa Del Carmen...

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