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Monday, April 28, 2008

We got sucked in...

I have been thinking about it for a month or so now and was inspired by a friend's blog today to quit putting it off and finally jump in with both feet! This is what she had to say... "I have officially crossed over- - - - from stalker to blogger. After months and months of stalking the blogs of people from all over the world, I figured it was time for me to jump in. I have felt an eerie oneness with random people I see in the mall that have no idea who I am- simply because I read their blogs. I know their names, kids' names, funny holiday stories, and in some cases, more family information than I probably need to know as an outsider. So, world, here I am! I just figured it was time to join the blogging world. And when I do have life-changing news, funny stories, new pics, or simple frustrations... you will be some of the first ones to know. Thanks for having me blogging world, it's good to be here." Ashley McWhorter definitely said it way better than I ever could! I felt exactly the same way, as if I was stalking people but soon realized that this was the perfect opportunity for Blake and I to keep our friend's and family updated in our crazy chaotic life. It is sad to say, I am absolutely awful at keeping up with people, no matter how much they mean to me. :( I am actually even worse at writing (journaling) and getting my emotions and feelings out the way I want them to, but this is my first attempt and I am determined to succeed and make this work long-term! I have to go try and be a good wife and make dinner for my husband, but will write again soon to let you know where and how we are these days.

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