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Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekends are so busy...

This past weekend we had a bunch of our youth come in a bang on trash cans (performed a drum cadence) as we combined "Little Drummer Boy" and "This is the Noise We Make." It was a lot of fun and the kids did a GREAT job!!!

Then we headed home to bake some holiday potatoes and cookies to take to our Community Group Christmas Party. Amos and Rachel came over and we dug around my house for some fun gag gifts to take to the gift exchange. We definitely found a lot of junk that worked out perfectly! The Abrameits have the most beautiful home in the whole wide world and were sweet enough to host our festivities!

Some of our awesome COF youth

Our drummer boys & girls

Rachel & Amos Rivera (with little unborn baby Levi)

Emerson Pauler is such a little cutie!

Baby Brooklynn with her pretty new dress

Alex got a singing penguin that Brooklynn loved!

Jamie got the best gift of the night... it actually was a really nice blender!!!

Sweet baby Jaci loved watching the fish swim around

Mindy got my gift, I called it my "bag of crap!"
It was full of all the random stuff I didn't want in my house anymore

Brandon got a HUGE bag of salt

I actually liked this cross and wish I would have gotten it! ;)

Cheryl loves snowmen so she was excited!

 Lucas stole the cross back for his wife... such a sweet husband

She also opened the Rubix Cube...
She kept getting her gifts stolen, it kind of became the group joke

Finally... she ended up with Blake's African drummer man... so funny!

Rachel stole the blender...

Amos was crazy excited about this air-soft gun

Jerison stole the gun from Amos, he was so sad

Brad got a little pink bag full of bath stuff that Amos found in my closet

Brian got a trumpet!?!?!

I formed an alliance with Rachel and stole the blender from her so it could be "locked"
then she stole a movie for me, yea for teamwork!  :)

I got the fish out of the blender so they could be given to an owner that would love them...
Karen, except I talked to her today and found out one fish ate the other and then died. :(

Brooklynn was so cute opening up her present!

She loved what was inside even more!!!

Look at her cute little baby toes...

Here is our community group (minus the Loftins)...
Brad & Mindy Abrameit

The Pauler Family
Brandon, Kacey, Kason, Madison & Emerson

Alex, Cheryl & Brooklynn White

Lucas & Jessica Mauro

Jamie, Jerison & Jaci Herridge

Amos, Rachel & (unborn) Levi Rivera

Micah & Karen Kronjager

Blake & Robin Jackson


Ashley McWhorter said...

Oh my goodness! That is Jessica Davis (maiden name). We went to high school and church together. Please tell her I said hello!!!! :)

The Jackson's said...

It sure is... I love her, she is SO SWEET! I will definitely tell her. :)

Anonymous said...

I MISS THIS!!!! :)