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Monday, December 8, 2008


This Thanksgiving was a really special one for me. It was the first one I got to share with my family as a married woman (last year we were with Blake's family). The whole family made it back in town and we had a blast! Dad, Mom, Blake, Me, Whitney, Eric, and Nathan. I learned that no matter how old we get, some things will simply never change in my family. 

We still woke up and all watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade together and then watched the local Houston parade. We helped finish making our Thanksgiving feast all together and listened to Christmas music. 

Although we made a nice meal and tried to be "true" grown-ups, we still laughed and acted like kids at the table. We still talked about farting and poop and all kinds of inappropriate table talk. It was hilarious and I wouldn't change it for anything in this world! 

After we ate, we all took naps and woke up to begin mapping out our shopping plans for "Black Friday." We passed around the sales ads and started making our lists of what deals we were going to try and get. :) We then played a DVD game of Family Trivia, where my team (Blake, Me & Nate) dominated, wah-hoo! We kept the night going by eating leftovers, making some cheese dip and putting together a puzzle. We spent the night @ mom & dad's house Wednesday and Thursday night. It was fun to be home again!

Friday morning came and we were supposed to leave for Wal-Mart by 4:30 AM. Mom and dad were the only ones who actually followed through with the plan and made it to the early morning sales. The rest of us were WAY too tired and flaked out. We relaxed and just hung out all day. We, as the Gillmore kids (Robin, Whit, Nate, Blake & Eric), decided to catch an afternoon movie with Nathan's girlfriend, Claire and our "adopted brother," Zack Jones! ;) lol. He has become a constant in our family over the years, he goes where ever we go and we love to have him around! We went and saw 4 Christmases, it was so cute, I really liked it! 

After the movie, Blake and I headed to Sugar Land to see his parents. We were sick of turkey and went to Pappadeauxs for dinner. It was SO YUMMY! It was nice to see them and get to spend time with both sides for Thanksgiving. We spent the night with the Friday night and drive in for church around noon on Saturday.   

Saturday just kept the busy holiday going... I led worship the whole weekend, since Donald was out of town. I had a blast! We have the most most talented people in our band and on our tech team @ COF! It was such a privilege to get to lead people into a time of worship along side each of them. Thank you guys for all of your hard work and for being so ready and willing to share the amazing gifts and talents the Lord has blessed you with! I treasure each and every one of you more than you will ever know! Saturday night, after church, Blake's parents, the Olive's, the Kirtley's, and Blake & I went to Good Company BBQ for dinner. We had fun, as always... Love you guys! 

I wish I would have taken more pictures, but here are a few...

Whitney (my little sister) & I hanging out @ mom & dad's house

The Gillmore Kids
(Whitney, Nathan & Robin)

ALL of the kids...
Blake & Robin Jackson, Nathan, Eric & Whitney Paul (or soon-to-be)

The Jackson's with Zack Jones

Me driving my baby Coach around in my covered wagon

Blake's dad out a quarter in and I actually did get to ride...

I felt silly as everyone stared,
but I had fun and leave it to me to cause a scene! ;) 

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kristyo15 said...

You did an awesome job leading the service that weekend!