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Monday, December 8, 2008

Gingerbread TIme...

Last Monday night, we decided to invite the Olives and Kirtleys over to our place to roll in the Christmas season together. We turned on the cartoon Christmas movies and decorated gingerbread men. The boys were not quite as excited as the girls, but it was still a bunch of fun just being together. It was a neat thing that we decided to make a yearly tradition with our "Cypress Family!" 

Robin, Ellen & Natalie before we decorated our cookies

Robin's cookies

Ellen's cookie
(perfect for the Houston hot weather)

Natalie's cookie, complete with microphone in hand!

So staged... we totally didn't want to eat them, we are such dorks!

My fun new Christmas shirt, you are never too old to believe! ;)


Ashley McWhorter said...

Cute idea! Did you make those cookies or buy them? I would love to do that with the girls.

Oh...tried on the Santa shirt. Yeah...ummmm...not so cute on this 1 week post pregnancy body and nursing boobs. I'm so sorry, did I just write that? :) HA!!! But, you I might add, look ADORABLE!!! :)

The Jackson's said...

We bought them in a set at Randalls. It came with 4 pre-made cookies, the white icing & little muti-colored candy balls. We bought the little baby baking m&ms and nestle toll house chocolate chips, and green sprinkles to add. I have seen these cute sets at Wal-Mart, Randalls, and Garden Ridge. They will have so much fun... we did!

You are too sweet. I am sure it looked precious on you, everything always does! :) And I love that you just wrote that!