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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Catch Up Part 3 - September

SEPTEMBER: This was a roller coaster month for us full of happy memories and sad ones that we will hold onto for the rest of our lives!

Hospice called in the family to say our goodbyes to my mom's mother, our Nana. It was a really hard time for my entire family as we had to accept a tough fact of life, losing a loved one. We lost my mom's dad, Pa, when I was in college in 2003, so this was an even harder blow knowing that this was my mom's last parent here on Earth. My mom was great throughout the entire process. She completely put her life and needs aside and focused on serving. I was extremely proud of her and learned from her faith, strength, and constant love that she showed throughout the hard journey she walked this past year. She stayed with my Nana most of the Summer and Fall trying to help take care of her as she continued to get sicker and weaker. After receiving that devastating phone call saying she would most likely live just hours, we dropped everything, jumped on a plane and headed to Borger, TX to be with my mom and the rest of the family. (SIDE NOTE: I found out that morning, right before we got on the airplane, that I was pregnant. Not the most amazing timing, yet it proved to be such a neat secret to be able to share with only my Nana, for a while at least) We were blessed that she was alive and holding on, asking for each of the grandkids by name until we all arrived. We got to say our goodbyes and sang hymns with her and over her. I got to paint her nails, make sure she always had chap stick on and that she, of course, always blotted. ;) Those small things were always of utmost importance to her. The most tender time for Blake and I was when we got to tell Nana that we were pregnant again. We also talked to her about Baby Bean. She promised me that when she got to Heaven she would take good care of our precious little angel and she even mumbled that she would never forget Baby Bean and that she would always love him. I am so thankful for that special special conversation, it brought many tears but so much peace and comfort. I still thank God that we got those last precious moments with her awake and aware.
The last picture we have of us kids with our Nana (Grandma) before she passed away, even though she was napping. I will treasure this picture always.

We got to see parts of Borger we had always heard of but had never seen in person. Here we are at the "legendary" Lake Meredith. All of the Gillmore Kids -Me , Blake, Nate, Eric & Whit

Nate & Eric decided to "co-drive" one night... still not sure why... they are weird like that

Me & Maclin (my cousin, Memre's daughter) Love this girl!

My brother, Nathan, made a lasting impact on the Borger community. The Bulldog (the high school mascot) will never be the same! ;)

We stayed through the weekend, but Nana rallied and kept hanging on. We made the decision that we had to leave, come home, and rest assured that Nana knew that we loved her very much and that it was ok with us if she wanted let go, be in pain no longer, and go be with Jesus. We also knew that my mom would stay by her side til the very end...

Blake & I at the airport getting ready to fly home to Houston

Eric & Whit at the airport waiting to fly home to Houston

When we got home from Borger, we took a short road trip with some of our best friends, The Wyricks. We went to San Antonio and had a blast...
Blake & I at the Alamo

It was raining so we decided to ride the Trolley

I think Blake has found his new look ;)

I felt hott! Lol

Chris & Blake ate SO MANY crab legs at Joe's Crab Shack on the River

The next day was a little nicer with less rain, so we relaxed, took it easy and walked up and down the San Antonio Riverwalk... One of my most favorite things to do!

I decided to pierce my tragus... It's never good when I get bored. I get spontaneous. Lol

We ate breakfast at the cutest place ever & it tasted yummy too... The Guenther House

The Wyricks at our double date breakfast

We always have a fun time when we are together and this trip was definitely no exception!

Our driver & navigator

We were just enjoying the ride :)

Two weeks after we got home from Borger we got a call that my Nana had passed away, so we all (Blake, Myself, Nathan, Whit & Eric) packed into Eric's 5-seater car and started our journey to Borger, Texas to be with my family and attend my Nana's funeral service. Even though we were getting to go back home to Borger, it was for extremely devastating circumstances. We soon began trying to find the positive, even though we were still grieving. It was definitely a blessing that the entire family could have that time to be together, reflect and reminisce on our pasts growing up and my Nana's past. We got the privilege of hanging out with family members we had never really gotten to know before and we never get to see (since we live far away). It was neat because we made new connections with old family that we will forever be thankful for! Our trip was filled with many days & nights full of laughter, crying, and making deep bonds that can never broken. I praise God that we could all come together and share this precious time learning and remembering what it truly means to be a family!

Whit, Randy (one of my mom's cousins), Me & my Mommy

Nate, Me & Blake riding with Uncle Richard in his cool Ford Model T

The flower arrangement the Grandkids picked out to honor our Nana at her funeral

I know it seems weird to post this picture but it means a lot to me. My whole life my Nana had begged me to stop biting my nails. It was very important to her to have nice nails and have them painted prettily. Before she passed away, she picked out the perfect color that she wanted and had me paint her nails. It was so typical of my Nana to make sure her nails were perfect and she "had her lips on" (had lipstick on) before seeing anyone. I love you Nana! I will miss you very much but am glad that you are no longer in pain and are in Heaven with Pa, Baby Bean, your Momma & sisters. You have left behind an incredible legacy of a family that will always remember you as a woman of faith that we will forever respect and strive to be like. We will continue to tell our growing family all about our Nana and how very special she was and forever will be to us!


Sarah said...

Robin, what beautiful words about your Nana. I know how special she was to all of your family. Lots of Hugs and thoughts and prayers. As you know, it never gets "easier" to not have our loved one's with us in body but what Joy to know that they are at peace with the Father.

Susan said...

You have me in tears again. Beautiful words describing beautiful feelings. Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt time with the world.