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Monday, January 10, 2011

Catch Up Part 1 **Warning... This is an extremely long entry**

WOW, a ton has happened this year. This may end up being the longest blog entry EVER trying to get all caught up. :)

MAY: It was a rough start to the month as we learned that we lost our baby on May 7th. Even though it was by far the most difficult thing we had ever gone through, we learned so much about ourselves, our marriage, our families, friends, and our relationships with God. It has slowly developed us into stronger people and we have chosen to praise God through this storm.

Blake and I had our 3rd wedding anniversary, May 12th and realized how fast time had flown by. I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband and thank God for the 3 indescribable years he has given us and how close we have grown together through the good and the bad times!
We got a super sweet cookie cake from the Ambrose family (some of our favorite people) to try and take our minds off of the previous couple of weeks.

We took some time to be with family and to make new happy memories for Memorial Day...
Blake & I at his parent's house for

Blake and his mommy, Kathi

Blake's niece, Grace, being silly as usual

Had a couple family rounds of HORSE... they are a big sports family

Played with baby Boaz (Blake's sister's youngest)

We signed on our house and officially became home owners!
They baked us brownies and made it the most pleasant experience ever!

They said to bring your favorite pen... so we came prepared! ;)

We made our first trip to Home Depot to begin the home projects

Proud to be home owners!!!

I LOVE my house!!! I will have to do a separate post to show the house before and afters of all the fun work we did to make it ours... it was quite the process!

JUNE: It was a super busy month for us, especially since Blake is a student pastor. We went to Student Life Camp at Orange Beach with the COF High Schoolers...
On our way to camp, yay!

Our fearless leaders. Lol
David, Lance & Blake

Some rockin' cool campers

Awesome camp leaders...
Ellie, Smashly, Calliekins, Me & Kristin

So excited to get the privilege to do camp together, love this boy!

I got crazy sunburned!!!

Fun times @ camp!

Shopping the beach stores with the kiddos

Our little family (we decided to adopt this sweet boy. Lol)
Blake, Zach & Me

The girls in my room for the week... love them!

Blake & I at the end of camp

Being silly on the trip home with my buddy Justin

We hung out with some of the COF boys...
Lunch with some of Blake's boys...
Austin, Blake, Zach, Zach & Jacob

A dear old friend came to visit us at church...
Dick Hill

Baby Aubrey White was born to some dear friends of ours, Alex & Cheryl, so we went to visit...
Brooklynn, Aubrey & me

Blake loves both of the White girls very much. Here he is with Baby Aubrey

Mommy Cheryl and her precious girls

We had a house guest...
Levi spent the night at our house...

and hung out with us

We had a fun day at the lake with family & friends
Eric, Whit, Ellen, Nat & Me

My dad - Rocky enjoying some R&R time

Nate creepin' on Eric ;)

Katrina & Andrew

Whitney pouting about something, who knows?!?!?!

Justin & Casey just chillin'

Blake & Randy

Mr. Mike Sullivan - We played a bunch of fun "Minute to Win It" games - So much fun!

We celebrated Jacob Chase's Birthday, love that boy!!!
Jacob, Blake & Me

We went to the lake with Blake's family...
Blake's sister Kari, her husband Patrick, and their girls Abbi, Grace & Faith

After a fun day on the boat

Had fun at the COF KidzZone 80's party!
Andie & I reminiscing

JULY: Yet another busy month FULL of fun memories. We hung out with the awesome COF students NON-STOP!!!
Jacob Chase & Me

Zach, Jared, Austin & Blake

Me, Zach & Austin

Played some volleyball

Made sand turtles & mermaids

We celebrated the 4th of July @ our house with my family....
We will always match, no matter how old we are! ;)
SISTERS - Me & Whit

We will also always be Daddy's Girls...
Me, Dad & Whit

Blake & I having fun with sparklers

We stayed up super late playing Super Mario Bros. on the Wii

A few special guest chefs came over and made dinner with us throughout the month...
Graham made some AWESOME fajitas

Who knows what Blake, Stacy & Chris whipped up.

I got to hang out with the best family in the whole wide world...
Nate & I at Market Street in The Woodlands

Whit and I in matching headbands. Eric felt left out so we let him in on the picture.

I had my wisdom teeth pulled...
My mommy came and took really good care of me!

My friend Kristin spoiled me with yummy ice cream

We gained a new son/housemate...
Chris Trevino came to live with us over the summer/fall for about 4 months... We always wanted a Hawaiian son! ;) Lol

Blake went on a Mission Trip to Costa Rica & left me at home so...
I went out for a night out on the town & awesome live music with some good friends
Me, KyLeigh, Amos & Charlie

We have lots of incredible students at COF and it's always sad to see them graduate and leave, but we are so proud of them when they do...
Austin, Blake & Zach

Some fun Butler kids hung out with us while their parents were out of town...
Riley Kate & Reagan Butler

We went on a Griswold/Gillmore family vacation to Lake Conroe...
The fam on the boat
Dad, Whit, Mom & Blake

Nate & I as our boat was being towed... it's a long story. Lol :)

Blake & I enjoying some time off together

This is how Blake likes to spend his vacation. Lol.

Taz loves family vacations!

Dad likes to eat on family vacations ;)

It's super hard to get a good, serious picture with my family around...

It's easier to just join them! ;)

Nate showin' off some mad skills

They were fighting over the last of the homemade ice cream

Very impressive sunscreen applying Eric!

Sunset boat rides to dinner are my fav!

It's the only family photo we got, even though it's blurry... I had to post it.



Lauren said...

So glad you got me all caught up (so far)! I was just asking Ben if he had heard from y'all lately. I think Kyle & Christy are coming in town soon (maybe this weekend). We should have a Memphis reunion. ;)

Jessica said...

You're right! Longest post ever! Haha, love it!!