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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blake's Birthday!!!

This next event was such a special one that I felt it deserved it's own post! ;) Blake turned 28 years old on August 31, 2010 so we had many celebrations to let him know how incredibly special he is to us...
The Birthday Boy!

At work he shares a Birthday week with 2 friends, so they shared a cookie cake

We first celebrated with my family at BJ's... so yummy and proved to be a pretty funny night...
Me & Blake

My Mom (Sue) & Dad (Rocky)

My sister (Whitney) & her husband (Eric)

My awesome brother Nathan

Ryan and Lindsay joined us! :)

These 2 were goof balls all night!

This is the waiter that Ryan almost got to take home with him... I think they had a special connection ;) Bahahahaha

This present is from my mom. You can see what it is through the wrapping paper. Lol.

Blake opening presents...

We got to meet some of Blake's buds from High School & College to celebrate...
Dinger & Blake

Me & JoJo

Matt Frye, Aaron Diehl & Branden Mickan

Jerrod & Amanda Carpenter

Love this boy more than I could have EVER imagined!

We went shopping with some old friends and got to catch up...
Linden, Sean & their sweet baby girls Hayden & Grace

Sean & Blake

Linden & Me - We met at HBU, were roomies and will always be great friends!

Blake & sweet Hayden... maybe Grace... I have no idea. Lol.

Then, we met a group of our awesome friends at Pappasitos...
Blake & I are always up for some good Mexican food :)

The Kirtleys - Natalie & Justin

Zack Jones (aka ZAKE)

The Olives - Ellen & Randy

Becky & sweet Baby Audrey Sanders

Me & Napoli

Mr. Stacy Scranton

David Sanders & Andie Wyrick
(She was letting everyone know she is married and NOT to David) She cracks me up!

Me & Camden Caroline

Silly Blake... I am sure he was talking in his special accent. If you know him well, you know exactly which one I am talking about ;)

Birthday Boy!

Case wanted in on the action (he added in the dough mustache) Lol

Blake & David decided the mustache was a good idea as well!

The final celebration was with Blake's family at The Cracker Barrel...
Our little Family - Blake, Me & Topher (Chris, our temporary son)

Blake's Parents - Kathi & Dave

Blake & Me getting ready to eat some good 'ole southern comfort food

The peach cobbler Blake's mom made was super hot... Don't touch!

Not sure why Blake decided to light all of the candles all at once. Lol.

Blake was like a little boy when he got to play with the fire :)

We found a good way to recycle the candles ;) Hair accessories for Grace.

Blake's Dad (Dave) & Me playing some checkers
We are both pretty competitive, so it was funny when we tied & didn't have time for a rematch

Blake and his Aunt Johnnie

Abbi (Kari's oldest child)

Grace eating Fun Dip Stix (Kari's 2nd daughter)

Faith showing me her pop rocks and they popped in her mouth

Boaz & Faith (Kari's Kids)

Patrick (Blake's Brother-in-law) & Chris (our Hawaiian Son)

Blake and his sister, Kari

I found a chair just my size ;)

Blake & Chris

Me, Kari (Blake's Sister) & Kathi (Blake's Mom)

Blake & his Dad (David)

Blake will always be a Momma's Boy ;)

At the end of the day, my boy Blake was very spoiled by many people who love him very much! I am excited that he got to spend time with many people that mean so much to him! I LOVE YOU BLAKE DAVID JACKSON and hope you know that you mean the world to me and I thank God for every single birthday I get to celebrate with you!!!

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