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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Shack After...

Here are some quick shots of The Shack after, we still have some work left to do but here it is so far...
My favorite place to hang out in the yard... the swing!

That tin building is the Shack (well, the right half of it is)

and there is Whitey/ Orville, my car that will never die or let me down! ;)

My front door with my welcome sign and new cute baby mail box

My one baby fake flower that sits right beside my front door and makes me smile everyday

When you walk in the front door and look to your right,
this is what you will see... the bathroom

We found that cute little cabinet thing @ Bed, Bath and Beyond... love it!

I got a cheap mirror @ Ross and put black paint on it and brushed a metal scrub brush over it until it looked kind of antiqued like I wanted! We put up new towel rack and matching silver accessories.

Here is the view from our bedroom door. I had to get creative and make hidden storage all over the room. Can you figure out where all I store things?!?!?

This is the little kitchen area... IKEA was our best friend in making this place livable! A buddy helped us put the accent lighting under the cabinets and we got a new fridge, compliments of my awesome mother-in-law. The island in the middle is a huge help for extra counter space and storage! On the far right is actually chester drawers that I use for kitchen drawers, it matched and fit in perfect! 

I turned my armoire into...

my pantry... I loved this piece of furniture and knew it would give the Shack character so I improvised so I could keep it with us and it turned out to be perfect!!!

This is the main wall in the living and my favorite because Blake let me paint it my favorite color... RED!!!

I always have to keep lots of blankets around because I stay cold and love to snuggle

This is the front door

This is the view looking into the bedroom from the bedroom door,
 that is right next to the armoire... That's our dresser.

Our bed and t.v.
The t.v reminds us of being in a hospital when we have to look at the ceiling to watch it! 

I love my simple, quaint room... it is very peaceful
I still have a bunch of black and white prints to arrange on this wall behind the bed.
They will be in various sized silver frames.

We took the closet doors off and put up curtains to open up the room a little and give it a splash of color as well... I may replace these curtains with  longer ones eventually.

I love to have everything organized @ all times...

I had to get very creative to fit a bunch of stuff in a very little space.

I hope you enjoyed my quick little tour update on the Shack... we really are proud that we were able to transform it from Shack to Sheik!!! It has become very homey and we are loving living here! Come visit it in person soon! We even have a guest book to document everyone who experiences this part of our life journey with us, so much fun! 


Jeff Wells said... you mean "chic"? Or were you just referring to Blake??

From Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

1: an Arab chief
2usually sheik : a man held to be irresistibly attractive to romantic young women

Barbara said...

Wow! Never judge a book by it's cover! You are very creative! I'm a realtor and have seen some real "shacks", but you have transformed this place into an absolute doll house!

The Jackson's said...

Jeff, you are a punk... and only you would call me out on my awful spelling like that! ;) Lol.

Thanks Barbara, I have a lot of fun decorating and love the challenge of organizing!