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Monday, February 9, 2009

Superbowl Party @ the Shack!!!

We had to break in the Shack with all the amazing peeps who helped us to make the Shack what it is today!!! :)
The Boys
(Stacy, Justin, Blake & Randy)

Randy was ready for the commercial in 3D

The Girls minus Krista
(Natalie, Robin & Ellen)

The Scrantons
(Krista & Stacy)

Stacy was wasting my camera battery :(
He took so long that we didn't get a picture of all the girls! :(


stacyscranton said...

Wow, I did not realize this blog was dedicated toward hateful comments about me. I demand an entire blog written to me as an apology.

The Jackson's said...

Lol. Niiiiiiice. Sorry Stacy. Maybe Blake will write you one on my behalf! ;) Hahaha.

Linda said...

Hi yal, it's Linda Carter here.
Robin YOU were sooo funny in Church today. I wish I would of had a camera (YOU know you and your picture taken). You showed the Pastor - making fun of YOU being short. I bet he won't do that AGAIN. HA !! You may be short BUT you have a wonderful BIG spirit.
May GOD bless you and Blake for ALL yal do for us at the Church. Yals wonderful voices and wonderful spirits!! XOXO