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Monday, October 27, 2008

PARTY at the Olive's

This was Friday, October 17th... We went over to the Olive's house to hang with some great friends. Becky makes some AMAZING 7-Layer dip and I definitely ate my fair share of it! ;) Jessica and I confessed our distant obsession with each other and instantly became long lost BFFs! We played Catch Phrase, where the girls continuously dominated... or at least that's what my mind remembers!!! ;) We jammed to some old school rap tunes on Randy's computer and had a blast reminiscing on the good old days! Who would have guessed that white boy Sanders has so much soul? lol. We love these people and thank God for the precious friendships he has blessed us with!!!
Jessica (Ariel), Becky, Me, Ellen (Ellie), and Natalie (Napoli)

David & Becky Sanders

Brian & Jessica Burks

Justin & Natalie Kirtley

Randy & Ellen Olive

Blake & Robin Jackson (Us)

Mr. Kirtley

Doesn't she look just like the Little Mermaid (Ariel)???

Randy ALWAYS spills his drink no matter where he is...

This makes Ellen sad! :(

1 comment:

natalie Hess said...

awesome night!! but we need a nickname for becky!