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Monday, October 27, 2008

Old Friend Fun

This past Friday, October 24th, we got to get out of the "Cypress bubble" and headed downtown to hang with some of my old buddies from Jr. High. It was great catching up! These two guys used to take care of me like big brothers when I was little. They took me out to eat, showed me downtown and spoiled me like crazy! Love these boys! It was a lot of fun getting back together so many years later with our significant others and catching up on how much we've changed over time. We ate at Cafe Adobe on Westheimer. It was good stuff and we had a blast!  
Blake, Me, Greg, Josh & Emily

The 3 Amigos from back in the day

They will be Mr. & Mrs. Flower officially this December!!!

The Jacksons

After we left the restaurant and our friends, we decided to continue on a date with just the two of us while the night was still young. We headed off to Amy's Ice Cream. It is the best in Houston! Funny story, while there, we ran into a buddy of Blake's from high school. It continued our theme of the night "of reunions." We sat with him and his fiance. It was fun meeting someone from Blake's past and enjoying some yummy dessert in the process! :)  
His ice cream was called, Elvis, so much fun!

Mine was Dark Chocolate... so yummy!!!

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