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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life is so busy right now...

I don't really even know where to start... So much has happened in June and I failed to blog about any of it. I think I am going to look back in my journal later and try to catch everyone up on here soon. I don't know, maybe it's just better to start from where we are today, a little of what we have learned along the way and move forward rather then look back...

Maybe I am just over analyzing, who knows?!?!? Well, for now, I guess I will just share my current thoughts off the top of my head. FYI: This is always a dangerous thing as I can be one of the most random people in the entire world and I really don't think God created me with a filter of any kind.

Moving on... Today I am sitting in my little shack fixing to head down to Alvin, Texas to see my handsome husband as he is at Middle School camp. I miss him and am excited to get to see what they are up to and how God is moving in the student's lives. I just got home from a morning( really a day) full of contemplative meetings. 

Side note: (WOW, I can't seem to stay focused.  I am even more ADD than normal, sorry) Life seems to be flying past me like someone is holding down the fast forward button. Does anyone else feel this way? I don't think I am doing much more than I normally am, but somehow feel like I am just out of control and can't seem to get my thoughts, my messy house, my life in general, or anything else in order right now! 

Alright, back to my day. I started out the day with a meeting about "Why" we do what we do. It really made me think back through the past month and the lessons God has been teaching me. So often, I get caught up in the process and the results not coming out like I had hoped or planned for... I forget the "why" I am who I am am and what started me on this journey in the first place. Is this making any sense??? I really need to start asking myself "why" a lot more and evaluating my every move on a deeper level! It's definitely a good thing!

I have been challenged today and am feeling all kinds of emotions ranging from confusion, frustration, peace, dissatisfaction and motivation to find more of God. I have a new stirring and hunger inside of me. 

I love visuals, so here are a few photos to help you visualize my feelings! :)


Linda said...

Hi Robin, it's Linda Carter here:
I want to tell you something I see in YOU so maybe it well help.
What I see in you is a beautiful person, a loving, caring and a person with a wonderful personality. You have soo many talents (a great voice and many more I'm sure I'm not even aware of). You have a wonderful husband and a wonderful family and friends that are ALWAYS there for you.
You have had a miracle in your life a few months ago, how many people can say that? GOD is always with YOU and YOU can do ANYTHING with him in your life. BUT I know you know that: please take one day at a time and if you feel you can't do that, take one minute at a time and ALWAYS keep the faith that YOU can do ANYTHING!!

sherry said...

and what makes me really laugh is those pics....and because I know your house and I know where those pics were taken...hahahaha! You make me smile!!

Ellen and Randy Olive said...

sherry beat me to that comment!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!