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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sunday, July 27th: The Mattress and Tonsil Adventure

Strange title? Yes. Appropriate? Double check. This weekend was really good for Robin and I. We got the opportunity to lead worship while Donald was away at the Cancun campus with our lead pastor, Mark Shook. We got tons of compliments, God was honored, faces were was a fun time had by all. Later in the weekend on Sunday afternoon, Robin and I ventured down to Katy to pick up a mattress I found on Craig's list...a great site by the way. A mattress/furniture dealer had one model she was trying to sell- and we got a steal! So we go home, set it up and it is super comfy...Robin was extremely pleased, so I think I got some "good husband" points on my scorecard. 
Without our usual Sunday afternoon siesta, we head to our small group dinner, where we all brought stuff for a fajita dinner-mmm. I doubt there is meat more tender or tasty than fajita beef. Sidebar- I once told Robin that I wanted the next cologne she bought me to smell like fajitas...I was just kidding. Or was I? Ha. So there we were, having fajitas, enjoying cows as God intended us to and all of a sudden Robin tells me she needs to talk outside, now. As we walk out of our friend's house, I'm searching my mind for everything I could've done wrong- Was I talking with my mouthful? Was my breath horrible or was I invading somone's personal space? Luckily, it had nothing to do with me...but unfortunately for Robin, her tonsils were swollen and her throat almost completely shut off. She was having an allergic reaction  and was to the point where breathing had become difficult. One of our friends got her some Benadryl and things started calming down. We think she might have been allergic to the fajita meat seasoning or the cats in our friend's home...we won't know for sure until she gets some allergy testing done. All this to say, Sunday was a busy day for us. Monday...we slept.

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Kim said...

Poor Robin...I hope you are feeling better. I totally know that feeling except mine ended with me having to have my tonsils out at 27yrs old! I will pray that you get good results back so this does not happen again! Have a great week! And thanks for the comment you left me!