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Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th Part 1- Adios... on their way to Mexico

Blake & I putting together sacks for our church-wide Batwa fast

Blake's truck hit 100,000 miles on our way to The Woodlands to see off the boys... He was all sad and pouty, I couldn't miss the great photo opportunity!

My girls before they left without me! :(
(I was their team leader in Mexico previous years) 

Mom & Nate (my little brother)

Eric, Whit, Blake & Me
(We got to hang out and bond all day, so much fun!!!)

We are a tight family... The Gillmore clan minus mom
(she always takes the pics)

Blake & Eric got bored and decided to play on their phones to try and pass the time

The boys (Dad & Nathan) were going out of town for a Mexico mission trip to San Luis Potosi... they took buses and it took them 33 hours to get there!!! :(

Shhhh... They will never know if I sneak on a bus to go with them! ;)

This is Jose... one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world!!! He has blessed Blake, my family & myself far beyond anything we deserve.

Papa C and his Gillmore Girls

My daddy (Rocky) in his seat and ready to go

Nathan & Dad right before their bus took off

Some of us had to stay behind but would give anything
to be on those buses headed to San Luis Potisi!!!

I got picture happy and Blake was determined to sabotage my picture! (So I decided to post this even though his eyes were closed. lol)


Linda Carter said...

HI Robin,

It's Linda Carter here. I always LOVE your pictures.
Hey, I keep feeling the SPIRIT that you are P.G., are you??
Everytime I watch the vidio of our vow renewal and yals beautiful song that yal sang to us, it makes my heart melt with such happiness for such a wondeful young couple with a GREAT heart and love for others. THANKS again for singing at our wedding renewal, we will NEVER forget yals kindness. XOXO


The Jackson's said...

Is P.G. code for pregnant? If so, then nope... I sure am not! :) I wear a lot of baby doll style shirts, so maybe it looks like I am prego a lot of the time. Lol. Thank you for our kind words about the song...