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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hustle & Bustle

I can't seem to figure out where all of the time is going?!?!?! I feel like this year has flown by so stinkin' fast! I had big plans of sending out cute Christmas cards, getting my Christmas shopping done really early, and having a well planned, relaxed holiday season. HAHAHAHAHA. I think I have learned my lesson this year. I should never have planned ahead like that. Lol. Instead of being on top of things, the opposite has come true! I barely have any of my Christmas shopping done, no Christmas cards will be going out from the Jacksons this year, and I feel incredibly behind!!! I need time to simply slow down just for a week or so! Can't a girl catch a break? ;)

On a happier note... I do finally have my Christmas decorations up! Lol. I am trying to pull it together and know that even though it's not as organized as my OCD self would hope, it will all come together eventually.

Does anyone else feel like this? Am I alone? What's stressing you out this Holiday season? What's making you happy and thankful this Christmas?